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10 Beauty Hacks That You Need to Try

Hello girls. Ever wonder how hard to be beautiful? You should see this one! It's a beauty hacks that you need to try at home.

10 Beauty Hacks That You Need to Know

Hey girls, hey.. what's up guys? Welcome back to my channel, today we are doing a life hacks video. Oh my gosh, it has been a minute. See it how long it has been sweetie! I missed this video so much! What the heck is wrong with me? This one is one of my favorite, we used to film this, I don't know why I haven't done it in a while, but today we're back with some weird old beauty hacks.

I'm also throwing in, oh my Gosh! Why do I always scream? Why can I just like talk, like I'm also throwing in some, I can't just talk ever.. I'm also throwing in some prom hacks videos because I know prom season, is it? You and I right now. Lord, I haven't been to school in a minute.

Yeah, prom season is all in pops, so I thought it would be a great challenges video. This video is also an after youth & consequences on youtube red. My girl Anna kinda hear on youtube recently came out with a new show, Youth & Consequences. And I know all of you guys have been binge watching because it is absolutely amazing.

Although our first Anna's character may come off as a mean girl. This show is actually all about women empowerment. The characters are smart powerful women, who are not afraid to tackle social issues in an authentic and accessible way.

What makes it so even more amazing is that using consequences is partnering with the princess project, which is an organization dedicated to helping underprivileged teens and their families find form aware in a positive and safe environment.

The princess project embraces and celebrates all races, all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, disabilities and bodies of all shapes and sizes. You guys this isn't just about giving clothes. This is about giving pride and confidence to thousands of teens. To help with these special moments in their life, like prom, I encourage every single one of you guys that has been to prom to donate your prom dress to the princess project. Even if you haven't been to prom but you have a nice dress that you know you're not gonna wear that you can donate to a great cause.

I encourage all of you watching to donate and check out anacondas new show Youth & Consequences. All episodes are now streaming on YouTube red and the first two episodes are free. I'll make sure to link the first episode down below so you guys go check it out and watch it.

This is such an amazing cause, I said it twice and I'll say it again. I encourage any of you guys that can donate to donate to the princess project. Every teen deserves to go to prom. Comment down below. Did you go to prom? Are you planning on going to prom? Such a fun time but it's like also so draining but it's so worth it. Y'all..

If you guys have the chance to go to prom, do it! Trust me! It's an exciting time of the year it is prom season and I have some Beauty/prom is my thanks for y'all. If you enjoyed this video make sure to click that like button, comment down below how your problem was. Are you excited for prom are you going to prom and yeah without further ado let's go ahead and get straight on through this video.

Let's Put Some Lashes On

First of all let's turn now to put some lashes on. I've been wearing lashes for legit years now so I feel like I'm a pro. The very first thing I do when I get a new pair of lashes is I take them out, I measure them on my eye because I'm gonna cut them later but the first thing I do is I roll them so that they can curve easily on my lid and make the application much easier. Because when you're first my lashes they're a little bit stiff. So you can take a pencil and stick your lashes on it for a minute to really get that curve and break them in.

And I really get a new pair of lashes you want to make sure that you cut them and adjust them to your eyes. I always cut out a piece of the eyelash off the edge because no matter how big your eyes are usually the eyelash is gonna be bigger so that you could adjust them.

Putting off even the smallest piece off the edge will make for a more flattering look not like a spidery look. Not only that but if you don't cut them they're usually really uncomfortable and poke your eyes. When applying glue to my lashes I also make sure to put more on the edges so that I have no lifting going on.

Once my lashes are on and they're super tacky I actually go in and seal my lashes with the fake ones and I just press on them and it keeps everything in place. I promise you my lashes never lived. I don't know if it's because I've been doing it for years or it plays these steps but I press them in honey, they ain't going nowhere.

Use the Lipstick!

If I told you gonna use the exact same lipstick for these two looks would you believe me. I'm gonna show you how I achieve much fuller lips by adding one or two steps to my libertine. Let me show you how it looks when I apply lipstick and just a lipstick alone. My lips uh.. they're not really symmetrical. My bottom one is much bigger than my top one. I wish my top one was fuller.

So that's how it looks with lipstick alone. Now I'm gonna do a different method. I'm gonna start off with a nice clean base. I'm gonna put makeup over my lips. I know it sounds kind of weird but I feel like I get a better idea of how I want to line my lips. I'm gonna line my lips with a lip liner. That's a little bit darker than the actual lipstick.

You guys are watching me put this lip liner on and you can see that I barely even go over my match lipline. I'm gonna fade it in a little bit because it's gonna give you that little like ombre effect-ish. I know I go a little crazy right now and then I'm putting on the exact same lipstick that I had on before. My lips have already look plumper.

To add a more touch of like a plump, I go in with some lip gloss and sometimes even with some highlighter and just pop it right on. And it makes such a difference you guys..

When Kylie Jennifer said that lip liner changed your life, girl, I believed her. I was like yeah as Queen. I know lip liner is kind of a no-brainer for people who are really into makeup but if you haven't tried it it's a life-changing.

Filling Hairline With Eyeshadow

This next tack ever since I discovered it, I used it so often I actually found this on Instagram through I'm resi. It's filling in your hairline with eyeshadow. Do you guys have ever dye your hair and you're loving the first few days because your hair looks so voluminous because the dye stain in your scalp. I mean I don't know if y'all go like to a professional place to dye your hair but I do it at home and it leaves my scalp stained and I love it because my hair looks so voluminous.

Well, if you do the same thing with eyeshadow, you just fill in your little bald spots or fill it in and make it look much fuller. It works wonders. This next trick I've been using for legitimately years, it's putting deodorant in between your legs to prevent friction when you're wearing a dress. And all my friends do it too so I know it works amazing. Here's a little clip of me trying to show you an example.

All right, we're gonna use a little mister.. oh yeah, what's his name? Mister emoji. The deodorant goes in between his legs, gonna go right here on the sides. And then he's not gonna get rashes anymore when he walks like this. No rash! No rash!

It's just a little hack that I've used a few times, whenever I need dry shampoo and I have none i legit you setting powder. Yes the one that I used to set my under eyes Lou. I can run out of dry shampoo but I make sure I never run out of makeup honey, so when I got somewhere to be in this hair looking at oily mess. I popped some setting powder on it and it does its job.

Question of the day, by the way, is your hair dry or oily? Because mine is super oily girl. Comment down below! I go one day without washing my hair and it's already a hot mess. For this setting powder hack, I literally just take a fluffy brush and just tap it all over my head and then I'm just running around and move my hair around. Kind of like I would with a normal dry shampoo and it does the job.

DIY-ish Thing!

Next up is a little DIY-ish. Kind of thing that I personally did one time. I put my perfume into a little eye contact solution container. I was going to an event and I just had my clutch so I popped this little guy open and I just sprayed my perfume straight into it. It fit perfectly in my bag. I know a lot of you are thinking don't you just have the go-to size perfume the one that sits in your bag but I did it and if you don't either this is a really easy little hack.

All right.. heels! Y'all, I hate heels but I love how they look on, so I gotta wear them. I try to go for a more comfortable feel because heels can be painful. If you want a comfortable shoe, go with a thick heel. They have way more support also I've noticed personally that thicker the strap the more comfortable it is as well. These black shoes are my go-to because they're not too high and they have two straps, bottom on my toes and also on the leg.

I've also noticed that the more straps the better for me. It gets a good grip of my foot, also higher platforms are usually more comfortable as crazy as it sounds because your foot isn't still slanted, which I can comfort. I actually prefer the higher platform than a pointy shoe.

Using Bread to Clean Up Shoes

Y'all, this next hack is the weirdest out of all of these hacks. This is a one day old bread. Super-hard and it will remove stains from suede shoes or suede clothing. Sounds crazy right?? But when you think about it, when you try to rub things off. They're normally hard to get off. If you try with a rock for example it's gonna get it off, but it's also gonna damage your shoe or your clothing. Well the bread is soft enough but crunchy enough to remove the stains and do no damage. It's not crazy y'all. It works!

Last but definitely not least. Do not pop your fingers with your fingers. Your fingers! Do not pop your pimples with your fingers especially getting your nails in there because you can definitely do some serious scarring. Instead pop them with q-tips. It's much softer on your skin but firm enough to do the job. It's also a cleaner method.

So that's it for this lifehacks video, I hope you guys enjoyed. If you did make sure to click that like button. Let's play a little game! Let's do that little five-second game. I challenge you to smash that like button and click that notification bell in five seconds. Five.. four.. three.. two.. one and a half.. one. Is that a weird game is it like cheesy? I don't know.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and make sure to comment down below. How's prom for you? Are you going to prom? Also, again I encourage you to donate to the princess project and check out Anacondas's show, Youth & Consequences on YouTube red, screaming right now. I'll make sure to link that down below. Thank you guys so much watching. I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys next, would.. Love you! Bye.


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