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Travelling to Bali Indonesia

Hello everyone, Erik Conover went to Bali and this is his video talking about his journey in Bali, Indonesia. Let's watch it.

And here is the text version.

From New York City to Bali

Can you better tell you. Believe our God upon your thing will be very nice baby. This is the reminder to myself whenever I'm in New York City and sitting my apartment and this ball comes across my mind. I am bored. Never again will that ever cross my mind that I'm bored. I am out here and I am living life an evening.

I did any petrol. Are you sure you want to do this? What am I? That I sure, yes. Okay well you're going to love it anyway. More or less everyone wants to stay here. We extended another night. I want to go to the island so I have another scooter. I went this morning. I rented. This guy has a surfboard rack. Basically I'm going to go to the other side of the island. I'm going to get on the boat. Go to Nusa Ceningan gong. Could be really bad. You a really good idea. It's a good idea, you think. So yeah, that's pretty badass of you to do this by yourself.

Badass yeah. It's pretty badass. I figure I'm not going to come to Bali and not go and do. I want you know I mean great that you're doing on your own because not many people know from island to island here by themselves. No actually ever enough talk to they're like you're going by yourself. My gas oh yeah. I need them by Paulina. All right. So begin. Let's do this police checkpoint. He was really nice though. A little update. We made it in one piece that was a pretty heavy ride you know.

Those on a highway through traffic and now I'm buying a ticket, don't think I picture me also I feel like when I was on the motorbike people were just staring because I'm a tall white dude on this little tiny budget. Your people like, "What the hell is this guy doing here!" You want a picture yeah.. yeah.. Sophie Anne thank you. Hey welcome. Yeah! Pushin him yeah Kenzi you watch YouTube? No you see what I mean like getting some cash out. I'm going to jump on this boat and yeah Adventure Time. Handled look cool in Poland. Yes, 25 minutes. That's it 25 minutes. Yeah, nice I was thinking about this as I was coming over here but anyone can do this.

What You Need to Have to Come to Bali

All you need to come up to Bali is a plane ticket a scooter and an iPhone now. We have a nice 25 minute boat ride and we will hopefully be there and then I have to get a place to stay. We got here just in time for the rain. We made it though, so 25 minute boat ride. I'm now at New Zealand bombers and first get to the island rent a bike. Honestly I can't get over enough how what the bike is.

The best way to get around tomorrow morning. Yeah, thank you sir Eric. Anak: what's your name? Madi Marta. Nice to meet you. I see you tomorrow morning. Yeah, thank you sir. This trip for me is all about it's not planning things and just going. I feel like I'm life. Sometimes I think too much and that can be deadly. I always wanted to do that. Get a shot of myself riding on a scooter in another country. I feel like this is one of the situations in life where photos and videos don't even come close to doing justice to how beautiful this place is. When I booked this ticket to Bali, this is what I expected. This is out of this world. Beautiful! I was cruising on the moped, the rain stopped. The Sun came out. The water just lit up with the bluest colour of torquas you could ever imagine and one of the earlier vlogs I mention where I travel. I love this. I love places where there's little people or there's just locals.

You know it's great to go to a party and go to casinos but this there's no word for this. Also the fact that all I have right now is that bag and that backpack in this scooter. And that's pretty much all I need in the world right now. I'm going to get back on the scooter and head to that island over there. Apparently they were saying this bridge is closed and there's no mopeds allowed across the bridge.

I'm going to parse the place here and then hitch a ride across the river to the island over there in my zone high confidence so can you wait. So the first thing I get to the island. First thing Trump.. oh oh yeah.. president Trump! Yeah I was good or bad hahahaha.. no white on white on.. Yes that's me - Thank You Iowa. He's given me his scooter for the day. Just for the day. This is my third scooter today and I'm going to the end which is apparently up that way somewhere. We'll get there eventually we'll get there I'm in no rush. This place is majorly majorly off - being past. This is the kind of place where you pop as a jungle and you're just in paradise. O coast but Oh spider so you know how I just said we go to the jungle and end up on some cliff overlooking the ocean.

My Apartment In Bali

Welcome to my apartment for tonight. Yet no joke I am staying in a one-room little shack. Right on the beach and then you walk out the back door you have the shower toilet open, air bathroom BAM. So at the end I was pissed off by these other people saying they've been traveling for two months in Bali. They said if I go through the woods. No joke I've been going down this path in the woods for the past thirty minutes. Basically they said there's a Blue Lagoon. That legit is the most cinematic scenic place around here. Keep pushing forward through this pass and hopefully this takes us to where we want to go.

Know why even if it doesn't take us where we want to go I'm in the middle of the jungle in Bali.. holy oh.. We're making it out. We're getting some clearing. It is incredible absolutely incredible. Well sometimes you got to go on your own ventures. I'm in full travel mode. I didn't even wear shoes. Oh my gosh, would you look at this so apparently. This is called the Blue Lagoon. That's pretty gnarly. That's some heavy heavy surf. There's no way you can flip. Jump right here, I mean you probably could buy. How to get back up pretty high through that valley 50 feet. Because like words cannot even describe how beautiful this is. I have chills right now. This is so breathtaking. There's no one around and it's getting out of your comfort zone. This is one of the most exhilarating things on earth. It's the drug. It's the ultimate, like coming out here not knowing where I'm going to be watching the Sun go down. Yeah, get out there. Live baby. This is the reminder to myself. Whenever I'm in New York City and spinning my apartment and the question and this all comes across my mind. I am bored never again will that ever cross my mind that I'm bored. I am out here and I am living the life.

Hey evening have any petrol straight straight down the road. Awesome. Thank you. Got a soap, my gas running low. On the gas just got back to the villa. I don't even have words to say for the vlog. I feel like words right now. Won't even do how I'm feeling. Just as these past few videos these vaali blogs all-time my all-time favorite. If you have already by the end of this video. What are you doing if you liked it? Smash the thumbs up button, leave me a comment down below. Your favorite part today's vlog. This is the type of situation where I can say tomorrow the adventure will continue because tomorrow notice what I'm doing heading back to Bali. I will see that so until tomorrow everyone as always especially today remember to get out there to smile more to worry less and to live your passion every single day.

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