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10 Beauty Hacks That You Need to Try

Hello girls. Ever wonder how hard to be beautiful? You should see this one! It's a beauty hacks that you need to try at home.

10 Beauty Hacks That You Need to Know Hey girls, hey.. what's up guys? Welcome back to my channel, today we are doing a life hacks video. Oh my gosh, it has been a minute. See it how long it has been sweetie! I missed this video so much! What the heck is wrong with me? This one is one of my favorite, we used to film this, I don't know why I haven't done it in a while, but today we're back with some weird old beauty hacks.

I'm also throwing in, oh my Gosh! Why do I always scream? Why can I just like talk, like I'm also throwing in some, I can't just talk ever.. I'm also throwing in some prom hacks videos because I know prom season, is it? You and I right now. Lord, I haven't been to school in a minute.

Yeah, prom season is all in pops, so I thought it would be a great challenges video. This video is also an after youth &…